About Joemalia Merchandise

Hey guys! Joe Jitsukawa here! Welcome to the world of Joemalia Merchandise. I made this merchandise for my Joemalian's! Thank you for the mudda support. 

About Joe Jitsukawa

Joe Jitsukawa is an Asian-American entrepreneur and comedian who co-founded the YouTube channel 'JustKiddingFilms' in 2007. What initially started out as two bored friends making goofy videos has grown into a successful business that flowered into multiple other channels such as ‘JustKiddingParty’, ‘JustKiddingNews, ’JustKiddingGamer’, and ‘AskTheFeels’. Collectively they have over 5 million subscribers.

This success with YouTube gave him the vehicle to venture into his other passion… food. As an avid foodie and cook, he was able to partner with his friends to create his own popup shops - ShrimpDaddy, Sip, and ChiChi Dango. You can find them at Smogasborg LA every Sunday and taste the deliciousness for yourself.

By following his passions relentlessly, Joe was able to create a life that he never imagined possible. Today he is able to travel on a whim, spend time with family and friends whenever he wishes, and continue to explore into his other interests and live a life true to him.

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